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January  2008
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Spiritual Simplicity
I was happy to get the email from Harold Shank.  Harold and I
had been friends for years, but we’d sort of lost touch.  
Now he was editing book reviews for the
Christian Chronicle,
and he wanted me to write one.

A lot of books were coming out on time management, organizing
and simplicity, and he would send them to me--to keep--if Iâ
€™d review a few.  I had written a book on time management
decades earlier--one of the first to come out in the church.  I was
pleased to learn that I’d been something of a pioneer and
flattered that my efforts hadn’t been forgotten.  Also, it
meant free books!  How great was that!

Of course, I was doing my monthly website, and because that
made me seem like something of an expert to my boss at
Westchester Healthy Start, he had me putting together a website
for our nonprofit. I was working on a grant (but then, I’m
always working on a grant.  That’s my job.)  I got a
freelance editing job for Pepperdine’s business department
website and was working on the 990 tax form for Healthy Startâ
€™s first filing year.  I was having the family for Thanksgiving
dinner, but everyone was bringing food, so all I needed to do
was the turkey.

In other words, while I was reading books on time management,
organization and simplicity, I was struggling to apply them to my
own life.  I did manage to get the
Chronicle review done among
all the other activities.  Most of the books were very helpful, but
in the process, I shifted my focus from time management to
simplicity.  It became less about specific methods for getting
things done and more about finding ways to simplify my lifestyle,
about finding peace.

I hope you’ll find peace this year, as you consider the
articles on
managing your time, organizing your possessions and
finding peace of mind.  I’d love to hear from you about your
experiences with time and organization, and especially how you
find peace in this hectic, often stressful world.  Just write me at