Billie Silvey
God's Child in the City: Catching God's
Vision for Urban Ministry is the practical, yet
human story of forty years of living as a
Christian in Los Angeles.  A discussion of
various ways to serve God by serving people in
the city.
Books to Buy--Available on, from Leafwood Press and from 21st Century Christian
Trusting Women:  The Way of Women in
Churches of Christ features 19 women
serving in various ministries.  As they tell their
own stories of struggle, victory and setbacks,
you can identify, at least with some of them,
and you may be inspired to serve more
Ever seem like you have too much to do and
too little time to do it in?  Maybe the problem
is that you're not doing those things that move
you toward your real mission in life.  
Management for Christian Women shows
you how to discover and do God's will.
God Has a Kingdom for You:  The
Majesty of Matthew presents Jesus as the
Jewish messiah and king, using his power in
ways that are totally unexpected.  It shows us
what's wrong with our current views of
power and how to live spiritually in a physical
God has not left us alone in the world.  
He's communicated with us in various
ways, but primarily through his Son, Jesus,
who gives us the assurance that we are
beloved children of God.  That's the
message of
God Has a Savior for You:  
the Confidence of Hebrews.
God Has a Plan for You:  The Riches of
Ephesians uses the Bible book of
Ephesians to present Christian doctrine
lived out in daily life.
If you feel at loose ends, like your life lacks
direction, read
God Has a Mission for You:  
The Challenge of 2 Corinthians.  This
treatment of the life of the Apostle Paul--and
the lives of women today--shows us how to live
with purpose in a random world.
Review by Lindy Adams,
Christian Chronicle,
November 2005
The Victory Lap: Growing Old with God is now
available from 21st Century Christian.  

It happens to all of us if we live long enough. We
grow older, with all the physical, mental, emotional,
and spiritual challenges that implies. But that's really
good news. It means we're living longer, healthier
lives and that we have the opportunity to continue
learning and growing and contributing for a long

The Victory Lap is about all that. It's also about
exercise, good diet, sleep. About our need for each
other, to be involved with life and to prepare for
death and the legacy we leave behind.

It's about treasuring life, feeling gratitude to God
and the people around us, adjusting to retirement
and filling that extra time well. It's about being
honest and real, with ourselves and other people.