Billie Silvey, writer, editor, and Christian activist, died September 20, 2017,
one day before her 75th birthday.  

In 2005, Billie decided to start t
his website, and continued it until January
.  Some writers choose to do a blog, posting new articles whenever
they occur to them.  Others prefer a more static website, offering
information about their lives and writings in an organized set of pages and
links, updating only when something new has come up.  Billie, much of
whose career had been as a magazine editor (see
Biography), took a
different course because she
was most comfortable working in the format
of a monthly magazine, with a new "issue" each month on a different
topic.  The m
otto at the top of each month's site announced her purpose:   
"An eclectic website about Women, Christianity, History, Culture and the
Arts--and anything else that comes to mind.

"Anything else" included just about any topic in the universe--including the
universe itself.  She had sites on education, movies, history, science,
literature, geography, art, TV and current events.  When she had a special
personal experience she wanted to share, that would be the topic.  When
she had been thinking about some religious or philosophical question,
that would be the focus.  From May 2015 to November 2015 she gathered
and told stories about her own life history.

In separate pages she listed the eight
books she had published, and
offered a (curated) comments page under the name of

Billie had a great deal of fun researching and writing each month's issue,
and we hope you will enjoy being in the company of this woman of great
heart and lively curiosity.  We invite you to go to the
Archive and browse,
and hope you can enjoy this site as much as she did.

--Billie's Family
Billie Silvey
1942 - 2017
From top:  Billie as a student at Pepperdine, at her
desk later in her career, and with her family at her
and Frank's 50th wedding anniversary celebration.