May 2012
Billie Silvey
As Alice and her friends ventured deeper into Wonderland, they
came upon a large
playing card, the 6 of hearts (6 for her birthday
and hearts for our love).

He guarded the realm of the
Queen of Hearts (Grandmama).  
Before they could pass, the children had to throw beanbags
through the holes in his card.

Then they helped paint all the
white roses red.  White roses had
been planted by mistake, and the queen demanded that everything
in her realm be red.

From time to time, she'd run around shouting "Off with her head!"
and the children would scatter.
They played croquet with flamingo mallets,
knocking the balls through wickets covered
with playing cards.  Then they broke a
teapot-shaped pinata and played on the

"This really is a
mad teaparty!" one guest was
heard to exclaim.

After a final jump in the bouncer, the children
went home with bags of candy and school
supplies from the pinata, a flamingo-shaped
cookie and a mome rath!

They were tired but happy, hoping perhaps to
return to Wonderland in their dreams.
The 6 of hearts (top), beanbag toss (center), the
Queen of Hearts (right).
Painting the roses red (above);
playing croquet with a hedgehog
and a flamingo mallet.
The children gone, Mama
(right) and Aunt Irene, visiting
from Texas, congratulate each
other on a successful event.

Mama (Kathy) conceived
Wonderland, and the whole
family pitched in to make it a
dream experience for their little
Lewis Carroll
Alice in Pop Culture