May 2009
Billie Silvey
Slowing Down
In addition to all the Winnie the Pooh themed party games
and activities, a major attraction at the party was the swing
set.  We got it for Katyana for Christmas this year, and there
were spaces for six children at one time.  We wondered if
we'd ever utilize it to the fullest extent, because Katyana only
came over once a week, and even when other children came
to play, it was usually just the two kids next door.

For the party, she had invited ten of the children from her
Bible class at Culver Palms, and at one point, I looked
around and there were children swinging and sliding and
hanging from the bar--engaged in all the possible activities the
swing set provided.  It reminded me of an early movie in
which everything seems speeded up. Their energy was

I can remember when I had that kind of energy.  In fact, I've
been blessed with good energy for much of my life.  Only
after I passed 60 did I begin to slow down.
May 2009
Despite the fact that I live in Los
Angeles, where almost everybody
seems to walk or run, ride bicycles
or skate, work out or go to the
gym, climb mountains or swim, I've
never been very physical.  Oh, I'd
start a program of regular exercise,
but real life would always
intrude--a major
project, a family emergency, any excuse would do.  The fact
is, I'm not that crazy about moving around.  I can sit for
hours and read or write or watch TV or visit with a friend or
family member.

Not that I've been accused of being lazy, it's just that I'm
more inclined to work--to be engaged in a task with an
obvious product at the end--than just to extend myself for
the less tangible goal of health.  That may mean that I'm not
as strong or supple as some other people my age.  I've
never compared.  But my life is satisfying, and I get to do a
lot of things I love--help people, write, and enjoy family and
Hundred Acre Wood