December 2007
Billie Silvey
What the
Birth of
Jesus Means
to Me
The birth of Jesus tells me that God, the ruler of the
universe, loves and cares about me.  That is a concept at
once humbling and ennobling.  It shows me that I am not in
charge around here.  My ego has to adjust to his will.  But
it also indicates that the choices I make and the things I do
are important, that they have broader effects than the

The fact that the Lord humbled himself to be born as a
baby sets an example of humility that runs cross-grain to
my human impulses.  I would like the world to center
around me and mine, but the example of Jesus shows me
that I should aim higher, reach broader, than my normal
human impulses.

The implication of this fact is that God cares about all his
people.  He wants good for each of us, but not for any of
us at the expense of anyone else.  God loves and cares for
all of us just as he loves and cares for me.

Jesus came to earth to teach us love, both by word and by
example.  We love others as we love ourselves.  We seek
good for others as we do for ourselves.  And we give of
ourselves for others as a pale reflection of the sacrificial
love God showed for us in the person of his Son Jesus.
“But Mary
treasured up all
these things, and
pondered them in
her heart.�
--Luke 2:19
Birth in Art
The World of Jesus