October 2008
Billie Silvey
From the 60s
The 1960s was a time of questioning and change.  
Some of the changes espoused in the 60s were
Christian concepts, while others--drugs, free sex and
dropping out of society--were opposed to

Let's examine a few of those changes we rejected,
together with tie dyes and miniskirts, that may have
been worth keeping:

The principle that all people are equal--are due, not just
equal protection under law, but equal opportunity, equal
respect and equal love--is not just a 60s concept, but a
Biblical principle.  As the Apostle Peter points out, "I
now realize how true it is that God does not show
favoritism" (Acts 10:34).

Nobody today will admit to being prejudiced, but how
many of us count people of diverse cultures among our
best friends?  How often do our social calendars include
activities with people of varied races?  How many people
do we visit and eat with who are of other socioeconomic
strata than ours?
God wants us to live at peace with all people (Romans
12:18).  Jesus is called the Prince of Peace (Isaiah
9:6)..  "Blessed are the peacemakers," Jesus says
(Matthew 5:9).

So why are we so quick to go to war--with other
countries, with annoying neighbors, with those in our
own families?
It was in the 1960s that many of us Christians
discovered grace.  It had been there all along, in our
Bibles, in other fellowships--even in black churches of
Christ.  We just didn't see it.  We wanted to be able to
work our way to heaven, or we expected God's justice
to be the same as ours, or we couldn't imagine such a
wonderful gift without strings attached.  Whatever the
cause, we'd overlooked it.

The Jesus movement was what we called it when
students from Pepperdine would go to the beach and
tell people about Jesus and his grace.  They might
baptize them right there in the Pacific, or they might
bring them back to church.  I remember the long-haired
young men with beards and sandals who looked a lot
like Jesus worshipping with us at the Vermont Avenue
church.  Some of them would sit on the front row,
while others sat cross-legged in the aisle.

It was a heady time of equality, peace and grace, and I
pray that those characteristic values of the 60s, and of
biblical Christianity, may yet be restored.
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