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January 2007
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The Story of Marlowe
There are two kinds of people in the world--cat people and dog

Cat people are secure and self-contained.  They don’t need
the reassurance of an enthusiastic greeting when they come home.

Cats, also, are secure and self-contained.  They lose their innate
dignity only at mealtime, when they purr and weave themselves
around your ankles.  You can tell yourself it’s a sign of love,
but mostly it’s just a sign of hunger.

You can own a dog, but a cat owns you--or at best, it allows you
to cohabitate.

After all, cat people are handy for a cat to have around, with
opposable thumbs just made for opening cans of cat food and
soft, warm laps for collapsing on to rest up for a long night of fun.  
Reward cat people with an occasional purr, and you’ll have a
friend for life.

This month I've written about
a world of big and small cats, cats in
popular culture through history, and our own Marlowe, our
companion for 18 years.

If you have a cat story to share, or if you want to talk about any
other kind of pet, write me at
Cat People