Billie Silvey
Katyana's Firsts
January 2009
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In the Beginning
A New Era
Firsts, beginnings, newness. We think about these things
as we turn the pages of the calendar at the beginning of a new year.  
Everything seems new and full of possibilities.  After the darkest days
of winter, we can set new goals and look forward to new light and life.

We now have a swing set in our backyard.  It’s the first swing set
we’ve had at our house in the 30 years since our children played
with neighborhood kids on the old one.  We got the new one for
Christmas for our granddaughter Katyana and a group of smaller

Our son Robert went in on the gift, and our son-in-law Andy, the one
member of the family who’s mechanically inclined, helped put it
up.  I’ve taken visitors to the backyard to see it.  It’s amazing
how exciting something new can be.

This month, we look back at some significant
firsts in Katyana’s
life—her first pony ride, first ballet lesson, first trip to the aquarium.  
We look ahead to a historic first,
our first African-American president
and what his election means for our country.  Then we look at
Genesis, the first book in the Bible.  The word means Beginning, and
the book tells of a new world, new life, new people and new

May you have a Happy New Year, a year filled with new hopes and
joys.  I’d love to hear your reactions to the website or news of
exciting firsts in your life.  Just write me at