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History of Architecture
The Living Temple
February 2007
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Mary Archer, Architect
At Abilene Christian
College, I used to gaze in
wonder at the administration
building--a dramatic
three-story brick structure
with a large stairway leading
up to a colonnaded
entrance.  My husband
Frank worked for the
Abilene Reporter-News,
and the
downtown area had
tall buildings and sidewalks with flecks of shiny stone in them.  It
made me think of streets of gold.
Then we left Abilene and moved to Los
Angeles. Los Angeles has always had
interesting architecture--the
Building, the art deco Bullocks Wilshire,
several houses designed by
Frank Lloyd
Wright and the case study modern houses of
the 40s-60s.
I’ve always enjoyed looking
at buildings.  I think, if I could live
another life, I'd become an
architect.  When I was a child in
Happy, Texas, the tallest thing
around was a grain elevator, and it
seemed to touch the sky.  The
other buildings in town were one-
or two-story.
We hadn’t lived here long when the downtown began to be
developed. Earthquake technology had improved to such an
extent that the previous twelve-story limit was lifted.  Now the sky
was the limit.  Frank currently works in a 60-story building!

When we visited
London, we saw venerable buildings from
medieval times to the present, in a nation where history is
preserved.  On a later trip, we saw medieval buildings in
and ancient architecture in
Now even Los Angeles is beginning to boast world-class
architecture with the
Getty Center, the Disney Concert Hall and
Japanese Pavilion at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
In this website, we’ll be looking at some of the history of
western architecture.  We’ll also consider God as
architect, closing with an interview with a local architect, Mary

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