Billie Silvey
History of L.A.
March 2008
Where does history come from?  Mostly, from the fact that we
live through time.  We as individuals, our families, our city, state
and nation have a history.

Movements proceed through time.  Thus we can speak of the
history of art, of science, of philosophy.

So how is history preserved?  How can we know about things
that took place before we were born?  Of course, every family
has its stories, and they're passed down from parents to children.  
Someone has pointed out that history is recorded by the winners.  
In other words, the people who triumph over others record their
exploits.  History written by the losers would be a very different
story.  Women say that history is written by men--though again,
that may be a different point.

Recently, history has come to be told through the documents left,
not just by leaders, but by common people, even the losers.  Ken
Burns, in his PBS series
The Civil War, popularized that
approach using letters from both northern and southern troops,
women waiting at home, African Americans, as well as Lincoln,
Lee and Grant.

In this issue of my website, I'll present some of the history of my
Los Angeles; my sister Barbara, the historian in our family,
will write about
family histories; and we'll look at a couple of
approaches to
biblical history.  I hope you enjoy it.  Write me at and tell me about your history, your
family's history or the study of history in general.
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