April  2010
Billie Silvey
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In the spring, the days grow sunnier, flowers bloom, and life becomes
more delightful after the cold, wet and inconvenience of winter.  It's the
perfect time to enjoy the beauty of a

My favorite gardens in Los Angeles are at
The Huntington in San
Marino.  The mature gardens cover 120 acres adjacent to the former
home of
Henry E. and Arabella Huntington, which now houses his art

I had visited the gardens a number of times before I began driving to
Pasadena each Friday to do research on the poet Lord Byron at the
Library there.  And every Friday, I’d walk through the gardens on
my way to the Cafe during my lunch break.   What a treat to spend
time in this most tranquil and beautiful gift to the people of Los Angeles.

Desert, Japanese and Chinese Gardens radiate from the Gallery and
Library complex near the entrance.   Subtropical, Herb, Jungle and
Palms gardens spread among green, rolling hills.  The camellia
collection is a wash of soft banks of color in the spring.

Other gardens in the Los Angeles area include the
Los Angeles
Arboretum, Descanso Gardens, and UCLA's Hannah Carter Japanese

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Poetry of Gardens, on
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Katyana's Garden, and on God's Garden.

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