Billie Silvey
New Life
May 2006
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This has been the wettest, coldest spring in years, but still the
daffodils and tulips bloom from pails in the grocery stores, trees
blossom, and fresh, pale leaves appear, Dutch iris and other bulbs
in our front yard are clothed in glorious lavender and white, and
new life bursts forth from a land that, like Narnia, seemed trapped
in Winter only a few weeks ago.

Spring is a time of new birth in the animal world as well--baby
birds break from their eggs, young kittens and puppies frolic, and
colts and calves stand on wobbling legs.  Easter chicks and
bunnies abound.

At our house, all thoughts and talk center on new baby Katyana
LaRoe, born April 5 to daughter Kathy and son-in-law Andy
Hall.  Katyana brings new life to oldsters like Frank and me and
to her Uncle Robert, and new challenges and depths of love to
her doting parents.

They brought her to church Easter morning, where she was oohed
and aahed over by a loving congregation and introduced as the
newest member of the Culver Palms family.

Despite the fact that she arrived four weeks before her official due
date (babies don’t care much about calendars and such),
friends and family had her nursery stocked with a generous
assortment of baby clothes, blankets, and other accoutrements.

“Grandchildren are a special gift from God,� Melvia Jones
told me, and I’m not inclined to doubt it.  Spring and new life
and new babies and new generations are a reminder of God’s
promise of renewal and resurrection that brings hope and delight
to our lives.

This month's website includes the story of our family's joyful
birth, a meditation on the new life we have in Christ, and an
interview with my friend
Toby, who has experienced new births in
her own life.

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