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Lewis Carroll
May  2012
Alice in Pop Culture
Alice in
Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Alice,
aka Katyana LaRoe Hall.  On her 6th birthday, she
was trying to catch a
White Rabbit, who was wearing
a waistcoat and holding a pocket watch, when she
fell  into a rabbit hole and ended up in a very strange
place indeed.
There was a long table set for tea where a Mad Hatter (otherwise known
as Uncle Robert) served from all but one teapot. That one had a
dormouse in it! There were cups to drink tea from and cups to eat.

As the children arrived, they picked up a key and sipped colored and
flavored water with tags printed "Drink Me" that made them shrink
enough to get into the bouncer.
Edible teacups (below); Mad
Hatter serves tea (right).
There were signs on the trees indicating "This way" and "That way," and
"Don't step on the
mome raths."  The latter pointed down to little
creatures clustered at its base.  There was a bed of colorful
flowers--some with faces.
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The White Rabbit (above),
"Drink Me" bottles and key
Direction signs and mome raths (above
and left), flowers with faces (below).
"Eat Me" cupcakes (above) and
dormouse in teapot (below).
The children paint cup-and-saucer flower pots.
Katyana plays
croquet (left) and
waits in her
bouncer for guests
(insets above and