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King's Speech
Queen Elizabeth
Sense of Duty
June 2011
Spring of
As it was for many other people, this
was our spring of royalty.  It began
with a bevy of princesses (and a prince
and a knight) in our backyard for
granddaughter Katyana's 5th birthday
party.  It's hard to believe she's starting
school this fall!   

On Easter Sunday, we had a dinner fit
for a king when our daughter Kathy, a
self-taught gourmet cook, braised lamb
shanks with swiss chard, and my sister
Barbara sent an Easter egg-shaped
cake for dessert.

After dinner, we watched
Colin Firth
Geoffrey Rush in The King's
Speech, the touching account of Queen
Elizabeth's father George VI at the
outbreak of World War II.

The movie reminded me of the queen
herself, specifically her
which made the summer before I
started fifth grade a memorable one.

royal wedding was on April 29.  It
was my day off, so I got up early to
watch the BBC coverage and see
Queen Elizabeth, still looking radiant
for all her 85 years.  I can't imagine
living that long, and I'm already looking
a lot less radiant than she does.

This website includes articles on the
story behind the
movie The King's
, my early work on Queen
Elizabeth, and the sense of
duty that
motivates the Windsors, particularly
Elizabeth II.

I hope you enjoy it and will write me at with your
memories and reactions to royalty,
especially the Windsors.
Katyana (right) blows out candles and swings
with friends (above center)  at princess party.
Colin Firth (below) works on his
speech; Elizabeth II at her coronation
(left) and the wedding (below).