Billie Silvey
History of Screenland
July 2008
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A Walking Tour
(Im)morality Plays
For decades, talented and attractive young people from mid-
America have dreamed of coming to Hollywood.  What a shock
when they arrive to discover that Hollywood doesn’t really
exist.  Hollywood is more a state of mind than a geographical

Much of the early movie industry, what’s commonly called
Hollywood, was located on the west side of Los Angeles, in
communities like our neighborhood of Culver City or Santa Monica
or West L.A.  Later, it poured through the Sepulveda Pass into the
San Fernando Valley--cities like Van Nuys, Burbank and Universal

With the rise of the film industry in places like China and India, the
American film industry suffered.  For a while, filming in Los Angeles
almost ceased, driven by soaring costs to other, cheaper cities, like
Toronto or Prague or Indonesia.

Recently, we’ve seen more movies being shot in Los Angeles,
but the old Hollywood of glamour and dreams may never return.

This website focuses on Culver City and includes articles on the
History of Screenland, (Im)morality Plays, and a Walking Tour of
Screenland sites.  To respond to the website or tell your own
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