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July 2009
Beetles, Bugs
and Butterflies
Children’s books and cartoon shows are important around
our house, and few have been as popular as
Charlie and Lola.  
The characters were created by
Lauren Child, and though aimed
at children 3-7, also are popular with adults.

Real children's voices speak the lines, with Charlie narrating,
introducing himself and his little sister.  At 7, Charlie is very much
the big brother as he tries to teach his little sister Lola, 4,  about life.

   "I have this little sister, Lola.
   She is small and very funny.
   Lola loves reading and she really loves books.
   But at the moment there is
   one book that is extra specially special." he says.

My first encounter with Charlie and Lola came when I saw
Excuse Me, That Is My Book
, an account of the siblings' trip to
the library to check out Lola’s favorite book,
Beetles, Bugs
and Butterflies.
When Lola discovers that someone else has
borrowed the book, she is distressed.  There is no other book so
good as
Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies.

"You see, Charlie,
    the bugs are quite buggy
    and the butterflies are really beautiful and
    the beetles are. . .
    very silly."

The cartoon series, first broadcast on the BBC, was adapted by
Tiger Aspect.  It uses a collage technique employing paper and
fabric cutouts and real textures.   

This month's website features articles on Lola's favorite beetles,
bugs and butterflies, including the basic  
types of insects, the
science of
entomology, and metamorphosis

I hope you enjoy it.  Write me at with your
memories of insects and summer.