Billie Silvey
August 2008
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Endangered Planet
Father's World
There’s nothing like it in our galaxy.  In fact, maybe not
in the universe.  That beautiful, little blue ball floating
suspended in the vast blackness of space.

It’s brown and green and blue--mostly blue--and
surrounded by white clouds.  That’s atmosphere, and it
means that we can breathe.  The blue is ocean, which means
water exists in the liquid state--lots of water to drink and
grow food.  The brown and green are soil and plants--
enough plants to absorb vast quantities of deadly carbon
dioxide and produce life-sustaining oxygen.  Our planet
breeds life, teems with it, sustains it.

This issue of the website is about Planet Earth--its beauty,
habitats it provides for a vast diversity of life, the wonder
of its
origin, the threats to its future, and our responsibility to
nurture, protect and tread softly on it.  To preserve it for our
children and grandchildren, and for the other living things that
share it.

If you have comments on these or other aspects of our
planet, please share them by clicking on
net.  I’ll be happy to pass them on.

Maybe we can start a dialogue across the lines of party and
race and philosophy and religion.  It’s a big subject, and
it deserves all our best efforts.