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What Is Teaching?
Teaching the Bible
September 2006
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3 English Teachers
It’s September; time for school to begin--and time to
think about education.

I’m interested in education because I’ve spent so
much time associated with it in one way or another.  Or
maybe it’s the other way around.

All I know is that, from my years attending public school in
the Happy Independent School District, through my
undergraduate time at West Texas State University, Abilene
Christian College and Pepperdine College, through
graduate work at Pepperdine and Fuller Theological
Seminary, to El Camino College and UCLA Extension,
education has continued through my life.

As a Christian, I did publicity for three Christian colleges,
taught children and adults in Bible classes, substituted at a
Christian elementary school, and taught on Bible
Lectureships, seminars and retreats in eight states.

As a parent, I taught my own children numbers, letters and
how to read before they started school.  When they were in
school, I was active in PTA, on the Principal’s School
Site Committee for the local school, and on a group to
study all the school sites in the district to determine what
improvements needed to be made.

When I helped start a nonprofit, it was to teach single
mothers to get jobs.  Currently, I’ve working at a high
school and teaching life skills to parents there.

What is it about a person that won’t allow him or her to
discover something without wanting to pass it on?  
Whatever it is, I seem to have a chronic case!

In this website, I have an article on the
teaching process,
one on
teaching Bible classes, and one on three English
teachers who have impacted my life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about education.  Donâ
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