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Bible Museums
Night at the Museum
September 2009
This summer, we took Katyana to the Los Angeles Natural History
Museum.  It’s been a favorite destination for three generations of our
family, and it was fun to see her experience it for the first time and how it
has changed with the times.
Not surprisingly, one of Katyana’s favorite places was the
Ralph M.
Parsons Discovery Center—a hands-on exhibit on the ground floor.  
There, she excavated fossils in the simulated “dig pit� and helped a
group of older children put together the bones of a dinosaur.   That's our
fearless grandchild below, with her hands in the mouth of the dinosaur.
More of a surprise to people who don’t know Katyana as well as we
do, she couldn’t get enough of the
Gem and Mineral Hall.  Katyana
has always been crazy about rocks.  She maintains her own rotating
collection at our house.  (Grandmama's the one who keeps it rotating.)   
Here's Katyana with her dad, Andrew Hall, sitting beside a large meteorite.
The museum is a veritable temple to
learning .  The original structure, the
Rotunda, was built in 1913 (see
dinosaur skeletons in rotunda, above

In the early 1920s, the wings housing
the Habitat Halls of African and North
American mammals in their natural
environments were added (elephants
in the Hall of African Animals, below

These halls were closed for the Bug
Fair the day we were there, but I
expect that Katyana will delight in
them as much as her mother and her
Uncle Robert did.  I have to admit
that we went to the museum as often
as we did when they were young
because it was a cheap day out for the
family when Frank and I were in
school, but we enjoyed it even
before we had kids.
Museums have a special place in the life of our family.  I grew up visiting the
Panhandle Plains Historical Society Museum in Canyon, Texas.  Frank grew
up in Washington, D.C., Tokyo and Rome.  As well as being home to
well-known museums, those cities are veritable museums themselves.

When our kids were young, we took them often to the Museum of Natural
History and the Museum of Science and Industry (now the
California Science
Center).  These museums, the oldest in the city, are separated by the Rose
Garden in
Exposition Park near the University of Southern California.

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