Billie Silvey
Headlines of the 40s
A 40s Romance
October 2007
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Right and Wrong
The 40s
It was the decade of World War II,
of big bands and rationing.

It was a time of larger-than-life
leaders--Roosevelt, Hitler and
People cried over Humphrey Bogart
and Ingrid Bergman in
danced into the night, and sang of â
€œbluebirds over the white cliffs of
Dover tomorrow when the world is
But even as we worked and fought and dreamed and sang of freedom,
we rounded up Japanese Americans into internment camps, confiscating
their belongings.  For like most times, the 1940s was a time that saw
the best and worst of human beings.

In this issue of the website, I’ll be writing about some
major events
of the 40s, a
young couple in love, and some of the moral dilemmas of
the age that still haunt us today.

I hope you’ll write me at and share your
family stories of the period.
It was an era when more women
left home for the work world
than ever before and then were
made to feel guilty about it when
the men returned from war and
wanted their jobs back.