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Birth in Art
The World of Jesus
December 2007
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What It Means to Me
The Birth of
“After Jesus was
born in Bethlehem
of Judea, during the
time of King Herod,
Magi came from the
east to Jerusalem
and asked, â
€˜Where is the one
who has been born
king of the Jews?â
--Matthew 2:1
The birth of Jesus was a time of contrasts.  The Roman Empire was
at its height under Augustus Caesar.  Yet Jesus, king forever, came
into the world without fanfare in a remote corner of that empire.

The first people to visit the newborn were humble shepherds, dirty
and smelling of sheep.  But they had come to know of the event
through a heavenly visitation of angels singing, “Glory to God in
the Highest!�

Mary was forced to lay her newborn on the straw of a manger or
cattle trough, but he was given gifts of gold and rich spices and

Soon after his birth, his family was forced to flee the wrath of a
jealous king who ruthlessly slaughtered babies in a futile attempt to
slay him.  Yet he was called “Prince of Peace.â€�

He was Immanuel, “God with Us,â€� the Word who â
€œbecame flesh and dwelt among us,â€� and yet “he was
tempted in every way, just as we are--yet without sin.�

The two major events of Christendom--the foci of the Gospels--
were his miraculous birth and his all-too-human death.

In this website, I’ll be considering the birth of Jesus in the
art of
the Great Masters and the first century
world Jesus was born into,
as well as
what the coming of Jesus has meant in my life.

Please write me at and tell me what the
birth of Jesus means to you.