January 2009
Billie Silvey
Over the past year, our granddaughter
Katyana has experienced a number of
exciting firsts in her life, and her doting
grandparents have delighted in each one.
She ate for the first time with
chopsticks, to the delight of fellow
diners at a local Chinese restaurant.
She loved her first pony ride, at the Pumpkin Patch where
she and her family chose pumpkins for Halloween and
where she fed goats and sheep.
She paid her first visit to an
aquarium, in this case, the Aquarium
of the Pacific in Long Beach, where
she was  enthralled by the sea lions,
the starfish and an eel.  She
especially enjoyed petting a ray.
After chasing a cat through an entire
party, she got her first pet, Harley,
through a pet adoption program.  
He's a good natured
tortoise-shell-and-white cat who
manages to live in an apartment with
a two and a half year old who is
entirely too fascinated with his
expressive tail.
She played her first game of golf—
definitely of the miniature variety--
scoring a two in every hole through
a strategy of hitting the ball hard
once, picking it up and throwing it
to the green, then hitting it into the
She got her first haircut
at First Cut in the Palos
Verdes Peninsula mall,
sleeping through much of
it, but waking up in time
to enjoy the  rocket-ship
shaped chairs and to get
a balloon and a lollypop.
She took her first ballet lesson
just after her second birthday
in a "Mommy and Me" class
offered by the Torrance
Recreation Department.
Katyana is a very busy little girl!  Sometimes her grandparents
have trouble keeping up with her, but we love the enthusiasm
and fearlessness she brings to each new experience.
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