June 2012
Billie Silvey
My Family
My family was so supportive, being with me as much as
possible.  The nurses offered blankets and pillows.  My husband
Frank stayed one night, and our son Robert, another.

Daughter Kathy came every other day with 6-year-old
granddaughter Katyana.  Because Frank was a UCLA
graduate, he knew interesting sites on campus and would take
Katyana to see them while Kath and I visited.

One day they had gone to the
sculpture garden, which quickly
became Katyana's favorite, when they met a group of high
school students who were making a movie.  They sang and
danced with Katyana and let her clap the clapper and say,
"Take one."  She was thrilled.
Katyana with high school students dancing
(above) filming (right) and dancing by the
hospital's fountain (below).
Rooms in the hospital are laid out to encourage families to stay
as much as possible.  A long couch under the window is perfect
for sleeping, and there are also two straight chairs and a recliner.
Patient rooms welcome
guests (above); Katyana
resting on a Henry Moore
in the Sculpture Garden
August 2012
The Team
Spiritual Health
Frank and Kathy have devoted themselves
to having me go through the exercises take
the walks given by the home health physical
therapists.  I've been discouraged that
improvement hasn't come faster than it has,
but I appreciate their efforts.