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I enjoy your writing tremendously! The Thanksgiving article brings
back many fond memories of our family gatherings and feeling like
I was the stuffed one afterwards. I am happy to hear that you still
insist on preparing the old fashioned dinner for everyone
--Paul Silv

"Your relationship wit
h Willa Myers is an exquisite example of
how God's people ought to be to one another. What a priceless
--Rusty La

"I am sorry I missed th
e filmfest at Vermont Ave.  I remember
some films being shown, but I think they were not just movies. . .
more like documentaries.
"It is a great idea.  I had some bible stories, in cartoon form, on
(Japanese language) I used for my children and Jeanne Ray used
for bible classes at Romobe church of Christ some years ago.
"We have a church retreat next weekend.  When they ask for new
ideas, I might suggest using movies.  Thanks
--Eloise Bro

"Movies mean so much to me.  When I was a young child, I
collected Movie Books and always wanted to be an actress.  I was
always in school plays in Memphis.  My passion is acting
--Mildred Ha

g work, there is a saying in some parts of America that
'idle hands are the devil's workshop,' so we were taught to keep
busy--thinking and doing work.
"The childhood training about work affects the approach one
takes in adulthood.  One can learn new things about work through
training workshops and on the job, but for daily living the
childhood info will serve as the base for the approach one takes
throughout life.
"I enjoyed reading your work story.  I will enjoy reading on your
website in the future
--Eloise Bro

"I was touched by you
r essay and report on the lectures.  I always
appreciate your friendship, but especially your struggles with ways
to exhibit true discipleship.  We never get this perfected I'm sure,
but you come close
--Tom Olbrich

"I love reading your web page. I especially like thi
s Father's Day
one. Keep up your great efforts, they do mean a lot to me, and I
am sure I'm not the only one who feels that way

"Let me talk about my grandfather (paternal) whom I barely
knew. A couple of years ago I decided to donate his sermon charts,
printing press and sermon notes t
o Lipscomb University as he was
one of the first students enrolled in the first class at Nashville Bible
"During their Summer Celebration, starting tomorrow [July 5],
they will have on display his charts. I am sorry that I didn't know
him better. The past few weeks as I researched and received
information that the archival librarian and Lipscomb was able to
find, I have learned much about him that I wished I had known
sooner. I know his life would be viewed as a failure by the world's
standards. Poverty, little professional success and a lack of
closeness with his five sons until later years. But his citizenship is
in a city without foundations and I shall see him one day and thank
him for carrying on as best he could the wonderful legacy we have
in our Restoration Movement
--Anita Johns

"Your July issue is the most pleasing of all to me. Other issues
might have piqued my interest and stimulated my own questions
more, but this was so interesting and soft. Love the photos. Love
the thread of ethics that runs through th
e men. How fortunate
your family is
--A frie

"I love all of your articles; nevertheless
, this is the best of all.
Congratulations again to you and Frank for your beautiful
granddaughter. God bless you

"I loved reading about Kathy's ne
w baby. Congratulations to all of
--Marilyn Ada

"Great work, Billie! I especially appreciated the article o
n Toby.
The article was inspiring, just as she is in person
om Bost

"Dear Billie, I love your web site. You are a wonderful writer--so,
so talented! I particularly loved the piece o
n Katyana's birth. It is
read with a strong sense of a loving grandmother. I know you and
Frank will (or have) find a new meaning for the word love
--Rona K

"I always look forward to reading the great stuff on your Web site.
It is so good, and I love the personal insight about you it gives to
your readers
--Lindy Ada

"It's nice to have your website as a resource for my friends who
are skeptical of Christianity. You have such a welcoming,
unpretentious presentation. Thanks for revealing so much of
yourself. It's a privilege to get to know you
--Diana Ry

"I enjoyed you
r article about your 'well-travelled husband.'"
--Terry Robins

"I enjoyed you
r travel log."
--Cliff Che

"I really enjoyed reading your article abou
t Bill and Ruby Green.
Carolyn wrote me about it. They were 'house parents' with the
Year-in-Europe group I was a part of in 1964.
"This is the first time I have visited your website, but I think I will
do so again. Thank you
--Elsa Springer, Bremen, Germa

"I enjoyed your articles fo
r this month."
--Pauline Sto

"Your website is beautiful. Congratulations
--Doris Dav

"That was a swee
t article; thank you so much for writing and
sharing it! You honor us by focusing on their memory and
--Lanny Tuck

"Nice memories of Dr. Green and Ruby, Mom. It also made me
giggle to read you write abou
t 'lovers' in a Christian context. Most
Christian authors insist on limiting the concept to 'spouses.' Fun
hy Hall

"Great stuff, Billie, and timely too. What romantic comedies do
you like? I recently rent
ed Serendipity."
f Cheng

"Good, timely words on th
e January website!"
ty Ladd

"Thanks for posting th
e article. The reference to the 'seasoned Red
Cross volunteer' was especially touching. I have been an Executive
Director for an ARC chapter in Oklahoma. Give me the over 65
volunteers any day
--Carla Calho

"Awesome Billie! You really have a gift
--Christa Skat

"Elizabeth Smith is one of my new favorite friends. Nice story."
--Keith Bris

"Thank you for sharing yourself. Your website inspires me
--Doris Davis, Culver City Interfaith Allian

"I love your website
--Lindy Ada

"I did enjoy that lovely piece on th
e house; of course, it was very
meaningful to me because I have been in the house so many times!
"I would suspect that yours is a Steinbeck home, too. The
markings of the Steinbeck homes are the stained glass insert in the
bay window, the terra cotta tiles, the arches and the overall
Spanish mission style. There was an article in the L.A. Times years
ago about the historical significance of those homes
--Harris Ives, Hitachi, Jap

"I read your blog and enjoy your thoughts. How are you? How is
your family? Drop a note when you have time and fill me in with
all the 'groovy' details
--Eric Johns

"Your website was like a fine tea, this afternoon
--Josan Wrig

"Thank you for sending me info on your website.  It looks great
and grea
t history about MGM and the Spanish homes they built
for their workers
--Lori Donahoo
RE/MAX Westside Properti

"Billie, thank you for sharing.  I loved your website and feel I have
a much better sense of who you are.  This sort of thing would be
great to add to the
[school] website as 'Elements of Our School.'"
--Leila Jean Levi
er High

"hey Billie,
you are amazing.  How do you do this!!!!  great info on you
r home."
e, rona

"Awesome.  Good to hear from you

"Nice work.  I especially enjoyed th
e Fitzgerald and Thalberg
piece this month
--Robert Silvey

"Just read your article
[October 2005] on why people are
attracted to Fear.
"I have a pretty good understanding of what motivates people, but
the answer to the question 'Why do people go to horror movies?'
has eluded me.  Your comment:  'It’s not that we aren’t
afraid.  According to Rose Pacatte, Wes Craven said that “the
reason people go to horror films is because they are already
scared.  They go so they can gain a kind of symbolic control over
the loss and chaos of their lives and experience catharsis, or as the
dictionary says ‘a purgation of emotions.’�' finally has
clarified the matter for me.
"It also explains why horror movies have never appealed to me.  I
want to know what I'm afraid of so that I can address the fears
and put them in proper perspective.
"Thanks for an informative article
--Terry Webst

"Billie, I really enjoyed the issue.  As a writer it spoke to me in a
fresh way.  Thank you

"Wow.  In my opinion,
[October 2005 is] the best one so far.  You
did good, sis!!
ra Webb

“Thanks for the book and the ministry behind it.  It was well
written, and I pray it will be used to turn more hearts to serving
and redeeming people in the city
--Evertt W. Huffard, Harding University Graduate School of Religi

“The new website looks great!  It’s an excellent move for
an accomplished author like you
--Leonard Allen, Leafwood Pre

“Wow!  Impressive!  I liked the format/layout, editorial and
your “Mona Lisaâ€� like smiling picture.  I plan to order c
of God’s Child in
the City and Trusting Women.  They will make
excellent additions to my library and also great as gifts for
relatives and Christian friends
--Margie Lawren

“Good stuff.  I loved the summary bits from the Pepperdin
symposium. (Jerry has asked me to put together another
symposium next year, will you be willing to be one of the
“What a grea
t interview with Meredith.  Would you mind if I
used some of that with credit to you and direction to your website
in one of my Inside Church Planting e-letters?
“I also finished your Urban Ministry book.  I enjoyed the
combination of personal story, biblical insight and summaries of
what you learned.  Very helpful
--Stan Granberg, Kair

“It’s a wonderful website! Keep up the GREAT work
--Beverly L
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