Billie Silvey
November 2006
“Thank you.â€�  Just two little words.  Hard for some to
say, all too easy for others.

For some people, saying “thank you� indicates more
need on their part than they’re willing to accept.  Some
refuse to recognize the wonderful blessings God has showered
on their lives because they’d rather remain independent of
his demands.  Some refuse to accept help from others for the
same reason.  They don’t want to feel indebted to anyone.

Then there are people who throw the word around casually,
with no meaning behind it.  They fail to value what God and
others have meant to their lives.  It’s easy to undervalue the
love of those who are always there for you, to take them for
granted or even start thinking you deserve a certain treatment
just by virtue of being who you are.

It’s easy to feel that way about our parents.  Most of us
grow up with the sense that giving and sacrifice are just what
parents do.  When we’re dating or just married, we may
feel totally unworthy of the wonderful person who has chosen
us.  But as the years go by, we can start taking our spouse for
granted and expect rather than value their love.  Even our
children may be made to feel that they owe us something.

It’s important for each of us to recognize how much we
owe--to God, to family and friends, to the people around us
who enrich our lives.  May we feel a deep sense of gratitude.  
May we remember to thank God and other people for all theyâ
€™ve done for us.  And may we live lives that respond to the
gifts of love and assistance we’ve received by giving love
and assistance to others.
Willa Myers