Billie Silvey
It's About Time
In 1990, Helen Young and I collaborated on a book called Time
Management for Christian Women. In it, we talked about what
time is and how to make good use of it.

This year, my daughter is pregnant with our first grandchild.  It gives
me a whole new sense of time.  Our family history won’t end
with our children.  I plan to slow down and enjoy each stage of
growth.  I plan to take time for the important things in life--tracing
the path of an ant, savoring the colors of a sunset, giggling over

Even though our clocks mark time with a mechanical precision, we
all know how relative time can be.  The long wait for Christmas
when we were children, the fevered pace of life when we’re
older.  And now, nearer the end of my time, I find that it fairly races
by.  It hardly seems fair, with little left, that what there is passes so

I hope you enjoy this month’s look at time--starting with a
history of clocks, called “
Marking Time�; a study of “Time
in Scripture�, and a feature story about my co-author of the Time
Management book, “
Helen Young--Taking Time for the
Important,� the story of a woman whose wise use of her time has
blessed thousands.

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Marking Time
Time in Scripture
Helen Young
January 2006
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