Billie Silvey
It’s February, and hearts and flowers are sprouting in store
windows all over town.  It was mid-January when I saw the first
heart-patterned party supplies in our local warehouse grocery store.  
This is the month to tell our loved ones that we care.

Valentines and Thanksgiving are holidays that are easy to enjoy--
thinking about and appreciating God and that special person who is
closest to us.

This year I happen to be writing a book on Love.  Not that I’m
an expert. I’m not sure that anybody is.  It’s just that, to me,
love is the most basic principle of life.  If we could only learn to love
God and other people and ourselves in a wholesome way, our
world, our country, our churches, our families would be better.  And
there would be a lot less pain around.

This month, we’ll be looking at some
Famous Lovers in history
and literature.  We’ll look at
Love in Scripture, comparing and
contrasting it with our popular concept of love today.  Then I’ll
introduce you to
Bill and Ruby Green, a couple who taught Frank
and me a lot about married love and set a good example for our 43-
year marriage.

I hope we’ll all be inspired to love the special people in our lives
more--and better.

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Famous Lovers
Love in Scripture
Bill & Ruby Green
February 2006
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