Billie Silvey
Two Trips
March 2006
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For the first 50 years of my life, I was what you might call an
armchair traveler.  I read books set in foreign places, read articles
and pored over pictures in
National Geographic and Aramco
, and dreamed about foreign lands and strange cultures.

Even after I married Frank Silvey, the well-traveled son of an
Army officer, I had hardly crossed the Mexican border.

When we moved to Los Angeles, I fell in love with the old Banana
Republic, with its jeep sticking through the display window and its
catalogue of safari-styled clothing--a masterpiece of travel writing.

There was Trader Joe’s, back when they had the trading post
theme in their stores and imaginatively written articles on the rigors
of coming up with just the right exotic ingredient for the foods they

There was the Jungle Ride at Disneyland, with its hippos
perpetually signaling their intentions to ram us by wiggling their
ears, the spectacular view of the “back side of water,� and
the “head salesman of the region� with his assortment of
shrunken heads.

Now, there’s the Travel Channel, and Rick Steves on PBS
with his travel tips and friends all over Europe, not to mention
those daring young people who make travel an extreme sport on
Globe Trekker.

This March issue of my website includes
two trips my husband
Frank and I took together, including virtual tours of the places we
went; the story of
Abraham and his faith journey; and an interview
with Frank, one of the best traveled people I know.
Traveler Interview