Billie Silvey
Good News
April 2006
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News Personalities
When I was a child, my father owned a small-town weekly
newspaper.  The whole family worked on it.  I did my first writing
for that newspaper, and that was the beginning of my love affair
with words.

In junior high, I discovered the Nancy Drew mysteries and read
all of the thin blue books on our classroom shelves.

Lela Foster Moudy, my high school English teacher, was
excellent, but strict.  She insisted on good grammar, and taught us
to diagram sentences.  We had to read a number of books and
memorize lines of poetry each year just to maintain a grade above
a C.  She also coached our ready writing team for the Texas
Interscholastic League.  Under her tutelage, my love of words

In college, I majored in journalism and English, wrote publicity,
and edited the school paper.  I also fell in love with and married a
fellow journalist and word enthusiast.  We spent many evenings,
side by side, reading.  From time to time, one of us would share a
particularly interesting or well-written or funny passage.

I spent 24 years editing
20th Century Christian magazine and
writing religious books.

Words are important to me.  I make an effort to communicate
clearly and economically.  I love the rhythm of words, even in
prose writing.  Words allow us to share our thoughts, our feelings,
our faith and our values.  I can’t imagine a world without
words.  How poor we would be.

This month's website includes an article about
media, a Bible
study on
Good News, and a feature on news personalities who
have been important to me.

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