Billie Silvey
May 2007
When Frank had surgery this spring, some of the people he
works with sent him a pot of Dutch bulbs.  They came by mail,
and when we opened the box, we were amazed.  It was a
large flat bowl covered with moss, and peeking out from the
moss was a miniature forest of plant shoots.

We placed the pot where it could catch the sun and watered
the soil.
SPRING growth
Day by day,
we watched it
grow.  Each
morning, the
shoots would
be longer, and
within a week,
Now we have a mass of spring blossoms--tulips, crocuses,
lilies of the valley.  They grew so large we had to transplant
them in the yard.  Now, we can enjoy spring flowers for
years to come.
This issue of the website is on the seasons--the science
behind them and the beauty of each.  We look at
from the standpoint of our now one-year-old granddaughter,
and we'll consider the
seasons of the soul.

I hope you enjoy this issue, and that you'll respond with your
own thoughts about the seasons, either physical or spiritual.
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