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God My Father
July 2006
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Three Fathers
What is a father?  A father is a man--the perfect
complement to a mother or woman.

He’s tall enough to reach things on the highest shelf or
get a ball out of a tree, yet short enough to get on eye-level
with a child.

He’s mature enough to go to work every day--even
when he doesn’t want to--to provide for the needs of
his family, yet childlike enough to make up funny words and
games and laugh like a friend.

He’s serious in emergencies, but fun at play.

He remembers so much that he can answer a lifetime of
questions and yet can forget what you did that made him
angry yesterday.

Setting aside a special day to honor fathers was championed
by Sonora Smart Dodd of Washington in 1909.  Sitting in
church listening to a Mother’s Day sermon, she thought
about her father, who had functioned in that role in her family.

William Smart, a Civil War veteran, was widowed when his
sixth child was born.  He reared all six children on a farm in
eastern Washington state.  His daughter determined to honor
him and other fathers with a special day.

In 1924, Calvin Coolidge supported making Father’s
Day a national observance, and in 1966, Lyndon Johnson
designated the third Sunday in June for the observance.

In this issue of my website, I celebrate fathers--the fathers in
my family and those in yours as well.  This month’s
article is on
Patriarchy, the Bible study on God as Father,
and the feature article on the
three fathers in our family.  
Hope you enjoy it.

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