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August 2006
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3 Christian Bosses
Here in August, at the height of vacation season, my mind
turns to work.  Partly, because next month school starts, and
my work at the high school will shift into high gear.  But also,
because I often think about work.  I’m embarrassed to
admit it, but I love work.

It may be a sort of collective consciousness.  God gave
Adam and Eve work to do.  He put them in a garden to till
it.  They were to replenish the earth and provide for
themselves and those entrusted to their care.

But it’s also training.  When I was very young, my
Granny taught me that “All honest work is noble.â€�  
And she should know.  She worked hard all her life to make
a home for her two fatherless children.

I can only take about a week of vacation without needing
some kind of project to occupy my hands and mind.  This
summer, it’s been organizing.  I’ve been organizing
the house, organizing the garage, organizing the office,
organizing my computers (home and office, or rather, home
office and high school office), and organizing my writing.

At the high school, I’m writing reports on grants we
received, writing new ones, and gearing up for the coming
school year.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish at a
school when there are no students on campus!

After 12 years in this house, with two kids adding to the pile
of boxes and junk in the garage, we’ve been clearing
out and paring down this summer.  Getting down to the
things we use and arranging them so they’ll be easier to
get at.  Clear plastic bins so we can see what’s stored--
Christmas decorations, scrapbooks and photo albums.  
Yard tools in one place, hand tools in another, car supplies,
BBQ supplies in yet another.

I’ve worked all my life--as a child in my father’s
newspaper, in two college publicity departments to pay for
my education, and as an adult in writing and editing a
magazine, keeping house and rearing children, running a
nonprofit and working at a school.

There are basically two kinds of work--thinking work and
doing work; planning work and implementing work,
organizing work and producing work.  As I grow older, I
find myself gravitating toward thinking, planning and
organizing, though it’s the doing, implementing and
producing that pays real dividends in satisfaction when you
see the results of your efforts and wonder how you were
able to put up with the mess so long.

I’ve reached that point at school.  We had a meeting for
parents, and I was pleased that the office was so much
neater and well-organized than it had been.  I even had
empty space on my desk for a treasured possession--a
picture of my daughter and me holding our new
granddaughter on the first Mother’s Day we all
celebrated together.

Now, if I could just reach that point in the garage!

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