Billie Silvey
Getting Involved
September--the month when kids go back to school, when
schedules settle back to normal and Indian summer retains the heat
without the leisurely pace of summer.

The joining spirit, which has lain dormant during the summer, rouses

It’s a good time to consider involvement--doing things to help
the people around us.  Parents get involved in their kids’
PTA, Booster Club, sports.  The rest of us get involved in
our neighborhoods--local politics,
Neighborhood Watch, church and
community organizations.
This month I’m thinking about community involvement.  Why
should we as Christians get involved in activities outside the church
that are aimed at helping others?

For one thing, that’s what we’re here for, to help others.  
We’re told that Jesus “went around doing good.â€�   â
€œSometimes,â€� a wag once quipped, “we just go around.â
€�  Making a contribution gives purpose to our lives.
For another thing, it gives us an opportunity to meet our neighbors,
to do things as a group to improve the neighborhood we live in that
we might not be able to do as an individual.

Finally, it gives us the chance to be an example--to our children, to
other Christians, and to those outside the church--of what involved,
caring people can and should do.

This month, we’re looking at local politics, particularly the
grassroots movement of
Neighborhood Councils.  Our Bible study is
Deborah, a judge of ancient Israel.  The human interest article
looks at the
Hahns, a family involved in public service in Los Angeles
for seven decades.

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September 2005