Billie Silvey
November 2006
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Willa Myers
It’s become my favorite holiday--less commercial than
Christmas, fewer discordant images than Easter, more meaningful
than Halloween.  Thanksgiving has remained as simple and
straightforward as it was when I was a kid.  It’s a time to
gather with family, enjoy the bounty of the harvest, and thank God
for his blessings.

It’s my favorite season of the year.  â€œOver the river and
through the woods,� I sing on my way home from work
Wednesday evening, as I cross Ballona Creek and drive up tree-
lined Overland Avenue anticipating a leisurely four-day holiday.  I
love the nip in the air after the heat of summer, the rich fall colors,
the pungent aromas, the fogged windows when the heat of
cooking meets frosty panes.

It’s a time to focus on the positive--the warmth of
relationships, the blessings of life, and the generosity of God.  Itâ
€™s a time to focus on the good in our lives, and to share with
those who don’t have as much.

My kids aren’t wild about turkey, but I insist on serving it, if
only this one time of year.  I love the fact that, even as a young
bride, I could stuff the big bird and put it in the oven, basting it
occasionally, and it would emerge golden brown and dripping with
flavor, looking fit for a magazine display.

I love the side dishes, pungent dressing, golden yams, tangy
cranberry sauce, gravy, smooth or with giblets, and spicy pumpkin
pie.  I even love the leftovers--cold turkey sandwiches, turkey
soup, turkey enchiladas.

It’s a distinctly American holiday with distinctly American
ingredients.  Other parts of the world don’t know what to do
with it or lack the ingredients, or maybe they just don’t need
it.  Maybe they recognize their blessings and are grateful for them
without a special day to remind them.  But I tend to get
preoccupied with the demands of life and ignore God’s
wonderful bounty.  I need this special reminder, and pray that the
sense of Thanksgiving will stay with me through more and more of
the year.

In this month's website I talk about the
bounty in all our lives and
grateful we should be to God and the people who've blessed
our lives.  I'm also introducing
Willa Myers, a special woman of
gratitude who touched me.

I’d love to hear what Thanksgiving means to you.  Don’t
hesitate to send me an email at