May 2010
Billie Silvey
1.  Laser technology—In laser
technology, or Light Amplification by
Stimulated Emission of Radiation, light
is focused into a narrow wavelength.  It
is used in medicine (bloodless surgery),
industry (cutting and welding) and
defense (guidance, an alternative to
radar).  It is also used more popularly
in laser pointers and light shows.
2. Fiber Optics--Fiber optics uses
pure glass strands as fine as a human
hair, which can carry up to 10 million
messages each over vast distances with
less loss than wire.  They can be
bundled into coaxial cables and are
used for computer networking,
illuminating inside the body for surgery,
analyzing composition, endoscopy and
advertising signage.
LED--Light Emitting Diodes are
energy efficient and long-lasting
forms of lighting.

My favorite bridge in Los
Angeles, the
Vincent Thomas
Bridge across the main channel
of the Los Angeles Harbor
connecting San Pedro and
Terminal Island, is illuminated by
blue LEDs powered by solar
'Let There Be. . .'
of Light
For most of recorded history, from candles to gaslight, people have
huddled by the fire for warmth, light and protection.  Then, at the end of
the 19th century, incandescent lighting began to be widely used.

In recent times, the number of practical applications for light technology
has burgeoned.  Examples include the following: