April 2010
Billie Silvey
Katyana's Garden
Spring is a time of new life and beauty.  It’s also a time to plant
We have a relatively large backyard for living so close to downtown.  
And, because granddaughter Katyana and her parents live in an
apartment near the beach, we’ve pretty well  turned our backyard
over to her.  Currently, it has a swing set, a playhouse, and a picnic
table and chairs.  In a few weeks, we’ll pull out the wading pool
and barbecue.
That leaves only a small strip that’s
suitable for cultivation, and this year, I
thought Katyana might enjoy choosing
flowers from the nursery and helping
put them out and care for them.  (We
tried planting seeds last year, but the
gardener dug them up).

This year, we planned a trip to the
nursery on a Sunday afternoon in
March.  Katyana enjoyed all the
beautifully-colored flowers, and
participated enthusiasticaly in making
selections for our garden.  Soon our
cart was brimming with a colorful
bouquet of flowering plants.
Grandmama pushed the loaded
cart to wait in line to check out.

Plants in the cart included
delphinium, geranium,
ranunculus. daisies, petunia,
impatiens,  and marigolds.
Back at the house, Katyana
helped Granddaddy dig holes
and put in the plants in the bed
with grandmama standing nearby.
The next Sunday afternoon,
Katyana used the watering can to
help care for her flowers.
Even young children can help plant a garden (Katyana
turns four this month).  It helps them appreciate the
varieties of living things, what plants need to grow, and
the beauties of spring.
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