May 2009
Billie Silvey
The party was winding down.  The games had been played, the
food had been eaten, and the honey pot favors were lined up,
waiting to be distributed.  Katyana had just opened her present
from her friend Millie --a dress-up outfit with a veil she promptly
put on backward. She gave Millie a big hug.  I was drained, but
the party had been worth the effort.

Despite the fact that I'm growing older (no one ever grows
younger), I hate those emails that start, "You know you're getting
old when. . ." or that attempt to stimulate nostalgia for the music or
movies or TV shows of an earlier decade.

For some reason, I persist in thinking that the best is yet to come,
and the Apostle Paul seems to agree.  "Though outwardly we are
wasting away," he says, "yet inwardly we are being renewed day
by day" (2 Corinthians 4:16).

It happened the day Katyana was born, and it happens repeatedly  
as she learns new skills and concepts and discovers new delights.  
How renewing to see the world through her fresh eyes.

It happens in the early morning when the house is cool and still,
and I'm reading God's Word and talking with him.  It happens
when we're singing in church or sharing the Lord's Supper, and I
feel particularly in tune with my brothers and sisters and with God.

It happens when Frank or one of the kids does or says something
that touches me.  It happens when I'm reading or writing and the
words fall together in a particularly satisfying pattern, or when the
colors of a sunset or the flash of a hummingbird brings tears to my
eyes (there's something about growing older that brings the tears
closer to the surface).

Despite the aches and pains, the losses in strength or memory that
come from growing old, I'm reminded each day of the inward
renewal, the spiritual renewal, that comes from my life with God
and with the people he's given me to love.
Slowing Down
Hundred Acre Wood