June 2012
Billie Silvey
There's a tendency to suffer spiritually when you are suffering
physically, but that wasn't allowed to happen with me.

Our two ministers from the Culver Palms Church, Mark
Manassee and Ron Cox, called and visited often, asking not
just about my physical health but my spiritual well-being.  They
encouraged me to talk through the challenges I was having

There were also hospital personnel who encouraged me
spiritually.  Jonathan, one of my care partners, had been an
orphan in Tijuana.  He talked about God sending angels to
watch over me.  I began to look for them and to find them all
over the place.

One was Cynthia, who urged me not to be afraid.  Another
was an older nurse who said specifically, "We'll be watching
over you from the nurse's station just outside."

Various members of the church who visited and ministered to
me after I got home from the hospital included Mary Moffett,
who came to stay when I had been taken back to the hospital.  
When she told Mark that no one answered the door, our
minister considered how he might break into our house.

Linda Ramirez visited with her friend Troy, Debbie Shapiro
and elder's wife Jenny Ricker brought food, Jennifer Dill and
her son Darius sent fruit and flowers, and elder Keith Brisco
stopped by for a visit.

Two neighbors, La Virgne Sheffield and Carmen Lucero,
brought roses.  La Virgne stayed with me when Frank and
Robert had to be away.  And that's not to mention get-well
cards and email messages of encouragement.  The angels keep

Despite all the encouragement, I find myself feeling sad from
time to time.  Healing doesn't come as quickly as I'd like.  I'm
afraid I'm an impatient patient.

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