Christmas, 2005

Dear Friends,
2005 began on a sad note with the death of Frank’s mother, Kathryn Silvey, in
Lubbock.  Frank went back to be with his brothers and sisters.

The tone changed in April when our daughter, Kathy, married Andy Hall, giving us a
great new son-in-law.  Then they made us all happy by moving back to Los Angeles
(South Redondo).  It’s great to have them closer than Palmdale.

My new book,
God’s Child in the City: Catching God’s Vision for
Urban Ministry
, debuted at the Pepperdine Lectures in May.

Then, in June, Kathy made us proud by receiving her master’s degree in English
from Cal State Northridge.  This fall, she was hired to teach at two community
colleges, Fullerton College and Mount San Antonio in Walnut.

But the most exciting news is that Kath and Andy are expecting next spring.  Frank
and I are looking forward to becoming first-time grandparents, and though we’re
older than most of our friends were at this stage, it’s definitely a case of “better
late than never.�

I got a break from fixing Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in 42 years since our
son, daughter and son-in-law volunteered to cook various parts of the meal this year.

The rest of the year has been pretty routine.  Robert is still working as a manager and
purchasing agent with Cinefile Video.  He lives near Fox studios in West Los Angeles
and is looking forward to being an uncle.  Frank still works for Aon and sings with
Mansfield Chamber Singers.  And I am writing and editing in the mornings, working
for Westchester High School Healthy Start in the afternoons, hosting a weekly care
group of writers from the Culver Palms church and writing this monthly website.

We hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2006!  Drop us a line
and catch us up on what’s going on with you.  You can reach us by e-mail at

Billie, Frank and Robert Silvey
Kathy, Andy and Baby Hall
Robert, Dale Osborne, Elmo Martin,
and Billie.  Dale performed the ceremony.
Frank, Andy,
Kathy and Billie