Billie Silvey
Welcome to my web site!  This is the first installment of a collection
of articles on some topics that are pretty important to me--Urban
Ministry, Women, and the Bible.  However, I reserve the right to
write about anything else that strikes my fancy.

The format is that of a newsletter--with an editorial, a news article, a
Bible study, a human interest article and, yes, ads.  The ads will be
for my books (I’ve got to pay for the site some way) with links
publishers and my page on  

The entire site is expected to change, roughly every month, with each
installment built around a different theme.  This month’s topic is
church planting.  The
news article discusses the phenomenon of
church planting in general.  The
Bible study is on the original church
planter, the Apostle Paul.  The
human interest article is about a
church planter, Meredith McCollum, who is seeking to share her
love for Christ while caring for her three children.  I think you’ll
find it interesting and inspiring.

I’d love to hear from you in response to the website.  I hope
you’ll suggest topics that you’re interested in and let me
know if the site is helpful to you.  This is my website, but I believe in
sharing.  You can reach me at
Church Planting
Paul, Church Planter
August 2005